Writing System, Rhetorical Organization Edit

On this page you will learn about the writing system, accent marks, and common writing features in Haitian Creole.


Writing System and Accent Marks Edit

424px-OCR-A char Grave Accent.svg

The writing system in Haitian Creole is an alphabet writing system, and there is only one accent mark called the grave accent mark. This accent mark can be used above the 'a', 'e', and 'o' in order to create different sounds. Putting the grave accent mark above the 'a' is very rare, and when used it never appears by itself. It will always appear with the 'n' as 'an'. (The grave accent mark is pictured to the right.)

Common Writing Features Edit

Haitian Creole is more informal than French is in the written language. The spelling of words is also very phonetic in nature. Haitian students also do not attend school for as long as English students do which will affect their written language, as once they leave school everything is reliant on oral tradition.

So What? Edit

The style of writing in Haitian Creole can create an issue when students move to the United States, because they will not have received as much formal education in writing as a native English student would. Since they rely more on oral than written form, a student may response better to oral questioning and response.

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